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November 2023

Well, that year certainly went fast! I was carefully and strategically placing the office Christmas lights back into their box in January and then pulling my hair out untangling them (HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!) to decorate again in December in what felt like a matter of weeks! However, this year saw me move my

It’s often said that creative folk have brains that are wired differently. There have been numerous studies to investigate such in the last few years. But even on the face of it, we can appreciate those differences in our everyday lives. Some of the most inspirational creative people we have heard of, seen

As a copywriter in many different formats, I like to draw out as much personality and style from a client as I can when taking a brief. This is because so many clients have so much personality to bring to their business, which in turn gives their brand a whole persona of its

It appears we all feel as though we are living in one surreal dream (or nightmare). So many clients have shared their fears over not just the health aspects of Covid-19, but the financial and business implications it lays before us. We all seem to be tiptoeing along a tightrope permanently wobbling between confidence and

Positivity and Proactivity Well it’s safe to say we are living in unprecedented times. Both personally and professionally, everyone in the world has gone through a period of vast transition, reflection, and uncertainty. From loved ones lost to financial instability and from social distancing to home schooling, every household has had their own paths

The business landscape is shifting at an incredible rate at the moment. It’s tough to make plans. It’s tough to have realistic goals and it’s tough to know exactly what the industry will look like next week, never mind next year. However, this uncertainty and emotional turbulence isn’t something new to freelancers. It’s