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I’m Emma Davis,

I started E D Creative after years of working with and for a variety of radio stations, audio production houses and marketing agencies. During my time in employment, I noticed there was a gap in the market for a freelance expert in areas of sales, creative writing, audio production and voiceovers for businesses to turn to in times of need.

It’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see in your business and its potential. With E D Creative, I’m able to help businesses craft engaging new copy for their websites, blogs and marketing materials as well as create surprising, insightful and high quality audio for their commercial and promotional content.

I started out at the age of 16 as a junior sound engineer producing radio commercials. I then went on to hone my skills in creative writing and voiceover work as well as learning new skills in radio presenting, sales and film direction. I absolutely love having a varied skillset and experience, and it’s this passion, excitement and dedication to the work I do that clients find refreshing when they work with E D Creative.

I pride myself and my business on high quality, fast, efficient communication, as well as a creative and pro-active approach to all the work I do.

So if you require any of the following services for your business, get in touch! I’d love to work with you.

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What We Do

E D Creative provides a suite of services that can be tailored to your exact needs. The whole ethos of our business is to bring creativity, flexibility and reliability. Call upon E D Creative as and when you need additional support or inspiration. Get in touch when you’re approaching a tight deadline, Give us a call if you’re stuck in a creative rut. Whatever you need, we’ll be here to add some sparkle to your project and bring it all to life!

Using the power of the written word, we can transform your web copy, marketing materials, promotions, commercials and speeches into captivating copy.

We can then bring those words to life through engaging and exciting audio with voiceovers and audio production.

We can then bring everything together in a proactive and reliable manner with our project and client management service. Everything is taken care of and you can get back to the next sale. We’ve got this!

But let’s not forget where it all began back in 2016… Radio is our first love and we are still committed to this fabulous medium through creative sales consultancy and training, commercial traffic inventory planning and promo support. So if you work in the wonderful world of radio, our flexible freelance services are here to support your station whenever you need us.

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