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Audio Production

Radio Gaga!

Commercial Radio is at the heart and the roots of where E D Creative began. I started out in the radio industry as a sound engineer and I am still highly passionate about creative commercial radio and the power it has.

I love working with advertisers, sales teams and station managers to create commercial breaks that are empowering and exciting to keep the listener engaged throughout the day. It’s all about ensuring every commercial on the station is unique in it’s own right and stands out from those around it. To do this, we can tell the story of a business, showcase the brilliant personality and bring it all to life with the power of sound – All in 30 seconds (I promise it can be done)!

We have a whole host of portfolio pieces to share, from creative scripts to brilliant audio branding and ‘theatre of the mind’ pieces – Just get in touch to find out more, grab a rate card and start transforming your commercial output today!

Radio Gaga!

C l i e n t s

Emma's an exceptionally talented scriptwriter, producer and voiceover and a pleasure to work with. She's always efficient and thorough, meeting deadlines and making sure everything she works on is to the highest standard.

Simon Beale

Producer, Mood Media

Emma has been an absolute dream to work with, in the fast paced world of radio for the last five years. She is super quick, professional, responds instantly and her script writing is of extremely high quality. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Lee Tunnicliffe

Sales Executive, FUN Asia

Emma is a fabulously talented lady who consistently pulls rabbits out of hats (exciting ones!) to ensure that clients meet their objectives. Having worked closely with Emma at Manx Radio and as a supplier via ED Creative I couldn't recommend a more passionate and enthusiastic individual for your marketing and promotional needs.

John Marson

Manx Radio

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