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This Is Your Digital Detox

Stay in. Work out. Get up. Hunker down. Work through. Carry on. Cuddle in. Let go. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Life has become a seemingly endless mechanical motion of daily duplication in which we rise up with hope and positivity within one moment; and then sink down into anxiety and concern with barely a breath between. And yet, there are flashes of unspoken beauty in which we discover new parts of our own self we would never have noticed before these historic times…

I’ve always been a writer at heart. From writing stories with my Grandad, spending hours pouring over the front cover and how it would draw in the reader, to developing characters and their wacky adventures. I can’t remember how many of these page turners ever got finished, but the potential in them had me hooked and hungry for more. I then went on to fall in love with literature, appreciating the need to broaden my horizons through different styles of writing to thus improve my own. I’m now proud to be able to use the written word to progress my career and business for a variety of purposes and something I’ll never take for granted.

However, writing isn’t just something for professional endeavour. I truly believe everyone can benefit from the values of writing, particularly right now. Creative outlets have long been known to provide cathartic escapism. Maybe you play guitar. Maybe you enjoy embroidery. Or maybe you love to craft artful and delicious dishes in your kitchen. We all have creativity within us, but the written word can deliver beyond simple escapism. After all, we are in a world suffocated by thumb taps and mindless scrolling, there’s something special about the tangible nature of pen to paper. The very motion of writing allows you to flow with your feelings, release and let go! There doesn’t have to be any rules. This pastime is for you, and nobody else needs to read it should you wish to keep it private. You’re not confined by any barriers and this can become your very own craft to hone and nurture your way.

This is your digital detox and emotional extraction through verse.

So, write what you’re feeling. Write what you had for lunch. Write your hopes, plans, aspirations and dreams for the future. Write love letters to yourself. Write letters to your children to show them when they’re older. Go deeper into journaling and manifestation. Create a daily diary to express your feelings and productivity goals. Explore the beauty of poetry and try your hand at song and rhyme. This doesn’t have to be award-winning, spellbinding, breath-taking prose, this has to be yours and yours only. Need an easy way to begin? Then just start by writing to-do lists! We all have tasks big and small we need to get done for the day. So, take a pen and a notepad, write your to-do list and tick it as you go. This definite action and tangible pen in your hand feels so very finite and far removed from virtual realities we live in.  And if you really need inspiration? Get reading! Nothing inspires a writer more than reading! So get those creative sparks flying by reading an inspirational article, a blog about subjects you love or lose yourself in the dusty pages of a well-thumbed novel.

Whether you’re struggling to fight for breath in the waves of uncertainty or you need to find an outlet for the anger and hurt through loss within the last year, it’s time to get writing it down. Treat yourself to a new pen and a notepad you can keep to hand and release through writing.

Stay in. Work out. Get up. Hunker down. Work through. Carry on. Cuddle in. Let go. Breathe in. Breathe out…. And write.