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From writing article content and social media posts to promotional films and radio commercials, I love the variety of my job. I get to deep-dive into brands to discover the personality woven into the very fabric behind the logo. Working behind the scenes, I’m lucky to learn more about the rationale behind campaigns

Obviously I am going to say that hiring a professional voice over artist, producer or copywriter is the right thing to do for your business as that’s how I make a living. But, there is an underlying real belief in why this is so important in external marketing. I’m a firm believer in only

Hello, and welcome to the all new ED Creative blog! It’s a funny old world isn’t it. We work with a whole range of clients each and every day stressing the importance of a well crafted, efficient and regular blog to enhance online presence, build a great brand platform and give your existing and

Technology is truly fabulous isn’t it! It has enhanced our personal and work lives beyond belief. As well as all of the amazing things it has done for us in healthcare, social, travel and more, it has enabled us to transform the landscape we work in.ED Creative for instance wouldn’t be a viable

“When it comes to great copy, it’s not about WHAT your business is, it’s about WHO your business is” They say a picture can paint a thousand words. But the right words can enable you to pain the perfect picture… At ED Creative, we provide high quality, professional copywriting services for marketing agencies, broadcast media

ED Creative is proud to be supplying our revolutionary creative consultancy service to businesses large and small. But what actually is it? Is ‘creative consultancy’ just some more made-up-marketing-lingo to whirl you away into the confusing and unnecessary? NOPE. Our creative consultancy is here to add some sugar and spice (and EVERYTHING nice) back into your business. And here’s how… Running a

One of the areas we love to work on here at ED Creative is voiceovers for promotional films and social media. So it was great to team up with London’s Digifish animation studio to provide the voiceovers for the York St John University films earlier this month.The Brief: The brief for this work was

Marketing your business in the right way is integral to ensuring its success in both building the brand, gaining and maintaining customers and securing your name as the industry leader. And whilst you may have paid a lot of thought towards traditional marketing techniques, such as brochures, radio, social media and web content, one area

Good afternoon dear blog readers! I hope 2019 is treating you well so far! One of the main areas of our business that has dominated our meetings, inbox and creative brainstorms with clients so far this year has been podcasts. 2018 is considered to have been the ‘year of the podcast’. Although podcasts themselves have