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It appears we all feel as though we are living in one surreal dream (or nightmare). So many clients have shared their fears over not just the health aspects of Covid-19, but the financial and business implications it lays before us. We all seem to be tiptoeing along a tightrope permanently wobbling between confidence and

Positivity and Proactivity Well it’s safe to say we are living in unprecedented times. Both personally and professionally, everyone in the world has gone through a period of vast transition, reflection, and uncertainty. From loved ones lost to financial instability and from social distancing to home schooling, every household has had their own paths

The business landscape is shifting at an incredible rate at the moment. It’s tough to make plans. It’s tough to have realistic goals and it’s tough to know exactly what the industry will look like next week, never mind next year. However, this uncertainty and emotional turbulence isn’t something new to freelancers. It’s

Stay in. Work out. Get up. Hunker down. Work through. Carry on. Cuddle in. Let go. Breathe in. Breathe out. Life has become a seemingly endless mechanical motion of daily duplication in which we rise up with hope and positivity within one moment; and then sink down into anxiety and concern with barely a

Communication, connection and community have become something we have a new-found respect for over the last year. For so long we have taken for granted the conversations, the coffee dates, the meetings, the chance to escape the office. It really is true that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone! And

I got lost down a social media rabbit hole last week. Laughing and cringing at photos of my teenaged-self figuring out her place in the world personally and professionally. Those awkward years of trying to be liked, be funnier, be smarter, be… more. And yet, as I can now look back and laugh at