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Creative Emotion

It’s often said that creative folk have brains that are wired differently. There have been numerous studies to investigate such in the last few years. But even on the face of it, we can appreciate those differences in our everyday lives. Some of the most inspirational creative people we have heard of, seen on TV or met in person have something unique in their persona, their identity or their flaws…

Recent studies have come to find that creative people engage networks and pathways within their brain that don’t typically work together. This flexibility of thought is what is met with surprised enthusiasm and “How did you come up with that?” from those around. And whilst it’s not entirely known whether this flexibility is something we are born with, or whether we can exercise to strengthen, it’s clear we all have it to some capacity.

I know I’m a creative person as I’m addicted to ideas. I daydream to an annoying level about personal and professional scenarios. I critique, recreate, reconfigure and reinvent things around me in my mind. I’m quite possibly the worst person to watch commercial television with due to my insistence on copying the voiceover or providing potential ideas on a new company slogan or jingle. It’s like a sickness!

My phone is full of notes from middle-of-the-night waking where I’ve finally thought of an idea or come up with some expressive eloquence that I can use in the next suitable campaign with a client. I find myself bursting with energy and enthusiasm to work and get creative in the most inappropriate times or situations and easily feel disheartened when it doesn’t appear at the drop of a hat when required. This creative sickness is uncontrollable, unnerving and downright irritating.

And with that creativity, comes a heavy handful of emotion.

Creative people feel deeply, they are sensitive and unable to filter feelings without an outlet. This is something I can really relate to. My emotions are often really strong, even for the simplest of things. But when that outlet is achieved, it’s like a soothing embrace coursing through my nervous system. My shoulders relax and I can see through the fog ahead.

And so, this is where artistic expression provides cathartic release.

For me, this expression manifests in the written word.

When I put pen to paper (or finger to keys) I sink into a satisfying acceptance that the creative flair I can enjoy in my roll comes at a price to my undulating emotional state. But now, as I work with ED Creative and get to grow this business into something myself and my family can be proud of, it’s something I am beginning to relish.

I love to write, I love to come up with new ideas and I love to assist clients in telling the story of their business. There is no greater feeling than seeing a client be proud of their latest creation, website, campaign or marketing knowing I have assisting in some way to get them there. I love to get to know people, understand their personalities and express that through the written word. It’s exciting, it’s creative and it’s addictive.

So if you find yourself fighting through that sensitive state searching for a suitable outlet for your emotions, maybe writing can offer the soothing embrace.

And if not, let ED Creative provide that writing for you!