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Once Upon a Time

As a copywriter in many different formats, I like to draw out as much personality and style from a client as I can when taking a brief. This is because so many clients have so much personality to bring to their business, which in turn gives their brand a whole persona of its very own. And it’s this character and personality which needs to be brought to life in the copy. Whether it’s website and social media content or promotional films and radio commercials, every element on the written content needs to reflect the business personality perfectly…

One way to do this is to tell the story of a business. Tell your audience where your enthusiasm came from. What sparked your passion? Why did you pursue the field? Why do you love what you do? These things all go into helping your potential consumer make a decision and showcase why you’re the best choice out there for them.

And so, as I should definitely practise what I preach when it comes to creating content, I thought I could tell the story of my business to help anyone considering working with ED Creative, understand what it’s all about…

I started out in the media industry because I went on work experience to a local jingle production company in my hometown of Leek. I spent one week at S2blue, and during that week I was well and truly spellbound. I had no idea jobs like this even existed! Whilst I had always been an avid listener of radio, I never gave a second thought to the commercial breaks and who made them. I certainly didn’t know there were voiceovers, writers, producers, composers, programmers and sales personnel all involved in creating one single campaign. This door into a secret world felt exclusive. It felt incredibly special to be part of something nobody had even thought of before. Whilst many people working in media long for the limelight, I was given the chance to be an integral cog behind the scenes giving those with greater confidence than I, the platform to do so.

And so, when offered the role of Junior Sound Engineer at the age of 16, what was a radio geek to do? I did my last GCSE exam on a Friday afternoon, and on Monday morning I was walking the one mile walk straight into the studio to start my new life in radio. It was a huge transition, and I’m not ashamed to admit now that I found it completely overwhelming. Long days, not seeing my friends every day and being around “grown ups” 24/7 was something my confidence found stifling. Anxiety took hold and I questioned why I’d left school so suddenly with no real end-goal or knowledge of what was going to happen. However, my colleagues gave me the most incredible training, insight into the industry, not to mention the opportunities to gain skills many people dream of. I learnt how to record, edit and mix voiceovers with music. I learnt how to create my very own sound effects (One particular favourite was walking up and down the corridor with five pans strung together to make the sound of a knight in shining armour), I did voiceovers and learned how to use my voice professionally. I got to learn how to turn my love for the written word into something commercial and see it be lifted from the pages and burst out of the speakers.

I grew up. Fast. And this new ‘grown-up’ Emma was totally excited about where this industry could take her!

I’d always been an admirer of the written word. I’d written ‘books’ with my grandad about fairies and witches, I’d written poems with my best friend to help revise chemical equations at school, I’d read novels and dreamed of being Jaqueline Wilson one day. And so, when I was given the chance to use that passion in my other love of radio, it was like a dream come true! I was able to take client briefs, understand what their goals were and help them sell their business in an engaging, creative and insightful way.

I then went on to work in the Isle of Man at Manx Radio, and there my love affair with radio and creative media continued. I expanded my skills into radio traffic, creative-led sales, presenting, broadcast production, event-planning and more. This move away from home gave me confidence that I could do anything if I was really passionate enough and worked hard.

And so, in 2015, I moved back to the UK to set up my own business. This gave me the chance to become specialist in the areas I had developed skills and loved to work. This meant that creative copywriting, voiceovers and audio production became my three main services.

Whilst my entrance into creative writing was primarily in radio, my true passion was working with business, brands and customers that needed me. They needed a professional writer, content creator and empathetic listener to really ‘get’ their business and help them bring them out into the world in a creative, professional way.

And so, ED Creative now provides services to a whole host of businesses and look to grow further. I have the pleasure of working with marketing agencies, commercial radio stations, in-store radio stations, video production companies and e-learning producers in the UK and abroad. This varied and vast landscape means that no two day is the same, and I can transfer experiences and skills learnt in one area to another.

Alongside my business, is my gorgeous family. I have an incredibly supportive husband and a beautiful young daughter. They are the reason I am so passionate about my work and the reason I am determined to make it something we can all be proud of. After all, that’s why we all go to work in the first place isn’t it? I am fiercely passionate about my job, but it would be nothing if I didn’t have my team right there beside me, pushing me, helping me to grow and aim higher every day.

ED Creative is about to reach its fifth birthday. I am super proud of where it’s come, and how far I’ve come personally since starting out nearly thirteen years ago. But this is just the beginning, and I absolutely adore meeting new clients, growing further and seeing where else this job can take me.

I know my clients are absolute experts in their industry, and I would never dispute that. However, I am an expert in helping them showcase that. And with that trust, understanding and confidence between us, we can create lasting relationships that evolve, grow, develop and thrive through the years.

So, that’s the story so far… Where will we go next?

Get in touch and let’s see!