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Tomorrow is Coming

It appears we all feel as though we are living in one surreal dream (or nightmare). So many clients have shared their fears over not just the health aspects of Covid-19, but the financial and business implications it lays before us. We all seem to be tiptoeing along a tightrope permanently wobbling between confidence and hope or anxiety and despair. As many of us are remaining within our homes, it’s difficult to keep a grasp on reality and time, days blend into one and it appears that illusive silver lining is losing its glow.

However, tomorrow IS coming, and so, with the time we have available during this crisis, it’s time to use our brain power, utilise our creativity and set plans in motion for ‘tomorrow’ so we are ready to embrace the beauty of it when it arrives.

I work primarily in marketing. From digital and social media clients to radio and podcast production colleagues, my work solely focused on businesses selling their services, reaching the masses and ensuring their business stays ‘top of mind’ at all times.

One of the huge areas of marketing I focus on, particularly with radio clients, is the ‘tomorrow customer’. This is because radio works on a gently, subconscious approach, bleeding messages through commercial breaks that are both unavoidable and memorable.  

But what is a tomorrow customer?

A tomorrow customer is someone who may not be in need of your product or service right away, but will no doubt be in the future. This is why a long-term approach to marketing is not only cost-effective, but imperative to steady growth and flourishing of a business. For instance, we don’t a new car every day, but car commercials are seen and heard all the time on radio and TV. We don’t need takeaways everyday (Mind you, its feels that way right now!), but we are constantly seeing those marketing messages to remind us they are there. It’s all about staying top of mind. And with this, as soon as we come to need that product or service, we think of that most recognisable and re-callable brand. The one that has stayed with us, reminded us, messaged us, advertised to us.

Businesses tend to have a blend of today and tomorrow customers, however, in these challenging times, we are ALL fastly becoming tomorrow customers. Not only do we not need those products and services of the businesses around us, but we are unable to use them anyway!

However, the day will come (It has to), when we are able to go out, enjoy our freedom, spend what money we have to enjoy that time with loved ones again. Tomorrow will become today, and those businesses will relish our custom and show signs of thriving once more.

So, if you’re a small business, eagerly searching for the right way to negotiate these challenging months ahead, do one thing…


There are so many ways you can maintain connections with your consumer; even when budgets are tight. I would always tell clients that a marketing budget is something that is extremely important, because the more you spend now, the more you’ll reap the benefits going forward, however, making your brand a highly active one doesn’t always come at a high price…

  • Promote on local commercial radio. If you’ve a current campaign and can stretch to keep it running, DO SO. This is the best way to stay in the subconscious – Particularly as listnership will be on the rise with more listeners tuning in than ever from their homes.
  • Share images of your work, tell the story of your business on social media
  • Do daily vlogs on what you’re up to while business is quiet
  • Share steps you’re taking to improve your service for when it reopens (training, practising, developing new ideas?)
  • Share live video classes and tutorials
  • Start a blog
  • Share your personal journey through this crisis
  • Prepare offers for reopening
  • Update instagram stories daily with images of past work, past events or testimonials
  • Invite customers to share why they loved coming to you, start conversations, increase engagement (these can then be used as testimonials on social media posts too).

The list is endless as to the content you could be working on, but the more you do, the more chance you’ll have of regaining that custom once again. You may need to allow for some free or reduced rate offerings, particularly if you’re provided virtual classes, but with the power creativity you can give your business a platform to stay… in business! Stay in touch with the wider world and maintain a connection with your tomorrow customers. They are still out there even if they aren’t using your business right way. But the moment they can, you need to be top of mind, in their subconscious and be a brand of thriving positivity, joy and hope that they want to part their cherished cash with.

And if you’re a consumer, who has seen no other option but to end memberships, cancel bookings or stop shopping with your local business, just remember them. Stay connected with them, remember why you love to do business with them, keep up to date with their content and you can be part of their regrowth when the day comes.

Tomorrow is coming.

And with that, the today customers will be here.