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Positivity and Proactivity

Positivity and Proactivity

Well it’s safe to say we are living in unprecedented times. Both personally and professionally, everyone in the world has gone through a period of vast transition, reflection, and uncertainty. From loved ones lost to financial instability and from social distancing to home schooling, every household has had their own paths to navigate and means of doing so.

As a small business-owner myself, I’ve had days enduring a hollowing of my stomach at the slowing of what was a booming and buzzing work-life at the start of the year. I consider my clients to be good friends, so to hear tales of brands in demise tugged on my heart and caused endless hours in the night of disturbed sleep; Dreams of bustling business meetings, exciting travel and creative concepts, snatched away with the uncomfortable alarm of the breaking news bulletins bursting from my phone.

In contrast, I have also spent periods of reflection in the last few months feeling extremely proud and positive for ED Creative. I’ve been able to offer clients flexible solutions to enable our working relationship to find a way through. I’ve done my best to go above and beyond to provide ways and means of them continuing to the other side and I’m proud of the loyalty and warmth that is found in the mutual respect we have for each other during 2020. There’s something truly magical and heart-warming about the strength of a good business relationship that cannot and will not be tarnished; and that is thanks to hours of dedication, communication and efficiency.

I’m a firm believer that positivity breeds positivity. The more businesses can stay positive and offer comfort and confidence to the consumer, the more the consumer will feel ready to take the leap and move forward. After all, who wants to do business or part with their cash with a seemingly failing or negative brand? If we as brands can strike a balance between sensitivity to the situation and positivity to the path that lies ahead, we are offering consumers a strong and welcoming hand up out of the mud. Let’s not forget we are still in a very serious situation in this pandemic and it is far from over, but we have a duty as business owners to offer stability, reliability and consistency until we can emerge the other side as a positive and proactive nation ready to build life back up. It may feel as though the walls are crumbling around your brand, but if you can remain dependable and encouraging, the foundations will remain strong and the consumer will remember you.

So, as we begin to unfurl our tense limbs and stretch out to feel our way into the new normal, our synapses begin to buzz with the excitement of opportunity. Remember the feeling you had when starting out as a new business? The anticipation and the uncertainty wasn’t something to be afraid of, it was something to be embraced. So let’s wrap our hands around a strong coffee and take any downtime this period has offered us to plan, move forward and adapt our businesses for the new world.

In the last week or two, there’s been a seismic shift in the business community. We are moving away from the downtrodden and beaten feelings. That’s not who we are, is it? We are hardy and determined. We are ready to embrace whatever challenge is thrown our way and give our business the chance to not only survive into 2021, but thrive. The images we’ve seen from consumers queuing round the block to grab their favourite fast food or bag a DIY bargain are highly encouraging. They are hungry. Hungry to get life moving and move upwards. As business owners, we have seen our businesses grow from that spark of an idea through those tricky toddler years of finding our way and into something to be proud of. They say parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs you can have. I consider my business to be one of my children with the effort and love I pour into it, and what kind of parents would we be if we didn’t encourage our brands and inspire our peers to achieve great things after this historic event?

When we look back on this period in years to come, how will we feel about how we handled it?

Positive and proactive is my hope.

So whether your business is going to grow, downsize or tweak it’s offering, this is an opportunity to give your brand a fresh new start for the fresh new world.

Now that does sound exciting.  

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