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Sticks and Stones… And the Power of the Written Word

ED Creative has now been running for over 5 years. Throughout that time, the business has evolved, developed, and morphed into something new every year. My clients have changed, the variety of tasks and duties has altered, yet the core of my offering remains the same.

Copywriting. Voiceovers. Audio Production.

Over the last 13 years I have written for commercial and instore radio, TV advertising campaigns, blogs, magazine articles, business presentations, sales pitches, training seminars, e-learning courses, corporate films, promotional videos, marketing materials, websites and more.

Many of my clients are absolute experts in their field. They are passionate about their cause and truly believe they are the cream of the crop amongst their peers. Yet finding the right words to promote themselves comes with a struggle. And that is absolutely ok! You are an expert in your work, and I am an expert in getting you noticed. Whether it’s just the general idea of the written word that leaves your pen poised for hours with nothing coming to mind, or you find your writing doesn’t reflect the professionalism you like to pride yourself in; all of it leads to the same requirement. Your business needs a professional copywriter.

Lots of businesses pour over colour palettes, visuals, logos and designs in their marketing. This of course is a highly important factor in gaining consumer attention, yet it’s the written word which will maintain and convert that attention into sales. Words have emotional power over the consumer. They can connect, engage, relate, persuade, encourage. That emotional power is like nothing else.

Remember that old saying? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. The more I think about that saying the more I truly disagree with it on every level. Whilst on the surface it actually dismisses the idea that words have no true value to the effect they have on our mental health, it goes deeper than that. Words can hurt. Words can harm. Words can damage. But words can also heal. They can support. They can give hope. Words have such a powerful connection to our psyche that we cannot simply dismiss them as something that just ‘is’. The right words, said at the right time, to the right people can have the most amazing effect. Harnessing that power and evoking emotion within your potential consumer will give your business the best chance at converting and maintaining their custom. Make them excited, intrigued, full of desire. Make them hungry, make them fall in love with your business and make your brand their brand of choice. If you can make that consumer “feel” something when they read your brochure or see your latest social media post, you’re more likely to get them to react on that emotion.

Emotion evokes reaction.

And so, a reliable, creative and consistent copywriter working with your business is an extremely powerful weapon in your armoury. It takes the pressure of you to be an expert in the written word, enabling you to focus on what you do best; running your business. It gives your business that creative edge over competitors. It elevates your business into new realms of linguistic power and style. A good copywriter will delve deep into the personality of your business, get to know the characteristics which make it unique and give that business a voice. It’s almost as if your business is its very own living, animalistic identity and your copywriter will breathe life into it. If your copywriter can give your business a voice, you will be heard.

I absolutely love writing and the power of the written word. When harnessed and delivered correctly, the possibilities and opportunities are vast. And it is this excitement, enthusiasm and belief in that power that I hope reflects in the service I provide my clients.

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