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That Freelancer Sparkle

The business landscape is shifting at an incredible rate at the moment. It’s tough to make plans. It’s tough to have realistic goals and it’s tough to know exactly what the industry will look like next week, never mind next year. However, this uncertainty and emotional turbulence isn’t something new to freelancers. It’s quite normal to have days where the to-do list just keeps growing rather than shrinking followed by days of stretching out the tasks and filling quiet hours emptying the biscuit barrel washed down with buckets of tea.

And this is how freelancers get their sparkle and thrive.

It’s the thrill of the unknown and the adventure in the possibilities. Not knowing exactly how each day or each week will pan out offers the freedom of creative exploration. And when one relies on their role for financial means, the hunger in the belly is fuelled further. As a freelancer you have the joy of being your own boss, setting your own boundaries and taking your role wherever you desire. But you also have the weight of responsibility on your shoulders to make every move a successful one. The buck stops with you, and this pressure thrusts you to work smarter, be better and push higher.

If you run a business, you may be considering new ways of working to take your business beyond this pandemic. Whether you’re looking for cost effective ideas to boost your business efficiency, or you need a fresh outlook and flexible solutions, hiring a freelancer is a brilliant way to achieve all that and more.

A freelancer can become a flexible, pliable and reliable extra arm of your business, taking the burden of the tasks you are unable to do, or simply don’t enjoy doing. You’ll get specialist expertise from wherever it may be in the world. Using freelancers such as copywriters for your business allows you to explore a wide talent pool than in your geographic area, so you can explore the wider world to find the perfect partnership for your business. As businesses move forward over the coming months and years ahead, the use of online and remote working is set to boom even further than it has over the last three months. If you find a freelancer that you love working with and delivers brilliant results, it doesn’t matter if they are around the corner from your office, or thousands of miles away on the other side of the world. What matters is why; not where.

Freelancers also provide your business with quick and easy temporary task completion. You may not need somebody working full time or even regularly part-time on the task you have in mind. You may need a quick press release written for your latest big news or a short marketing campaign planned for the upcoming holidays. You can work with a freelancer on a project-by-project basis meaning you get exactly what you pay for and no time or money is wasted. Working in this way ensures your business is as cost effective as possible, and your outgoings shapeshift seamlessly as your demands and growth develop.

One of the final ways many clients use freelancers is simply to save money. Freelancers may often be more expensive than in-house staff once you break it down to hourly rates, but as you are only paying them for the time you really need them, you save a great deal of money overall (Not to mention the larger responsibilities an employer has towards employees within their payroll). With no responsibilities towards a freelancer you can be rest assured they will work harder, smarter and better for your business to keep your custom and grow the business relationship for the benefit of everyone.

I absolutely adore being a freelancer and there isn’t a day that goes by when I’m working that I don’t feel that fire in my belly to do a good job and seek the best for my clients. Whilst the last few months have certainly been testing for everyone in business, there’s something to be relished in the unknown and the opportunities it creates for everyone. As the current landscape is so unstable, now is the time to evaluate and create a future from the ground up that your business can grow into and thrive.

Need some more inspiration as to why using a freelancer like ED Creative is good for your business? Check out my top 10 reasons below!

1: Flexibility to use only when needed
2: Tasks completed quickly and efficiently; freelancers often work out of hours and work can be completed overnight
3: Cost effective and can save you money
4: Specialist skills from wherever they may be
5: On hand whenever, wherever you need; my phone is always on!
6: Hunger to impress and make it a success
7: Increasing and improving your business network
8: High quality to improve chances of a longer relationship
9: Wealth of experience from working with others in your industry
10: Simple hiring and collaboration

Get in touch today to learn more about how ED Creative can work with your business in a flexible, reliable and professional manner to boost your business, give it some sparkle and enable it to become more cost effective and efficient into 2021.