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Community Radio and Powerful Production

Radio is a medium like no other. Through the power of sound, radio is able to connect, engage, communicate and uplift every listener. Although this communication may be a little one-sided, when you listen to the radio, you are being listened to. Boosting your mood, motivating you though the day and being that company you crave during moments alone. Without even knowing you personally, your chosen radio friend is able to be there for you through it all.

And we really need that right now, right?

Whether you listen to the biggest station or you have a favourite presenter on a foreign station thousands of miles away, when it’s done well and done right, you feel a personal connection and friendship with that person and brand. But, what about when that station is right around the corner in your hometown? That connection is even greater.

Community radio has always been a thriving and exciting area of broadcasting for many radio enthusiasts (particularly in the changing landscape of radio right now)! One of the reasons I love community radio so much is the passion. Often run by volunteers, this generates a workforce of dynamic, dedicated and downright passionate individuals that are solely there for one purpose: To make great radio. They get to broadcast to the community they live in and to the people they love. Whilst they may not have the resources or tools available to them like the huge corporate radio networks out there, the listener doesn’t know that or even care, all they care about is the content.

Quality content and quality production is what makes great radio for us. With the right blend of personality and production, you don’t need a million-dollar budget or the latest and greatest in broadcast technology. And if you have the personality and passion, we can bring the production. Great production on commercials, jingles, idents and liners doesn’t have to empty out your pocket, and with some shrewd creativity your station can sound polished and professional in no time.

Commercials: Great commercial content is key in all commercial radio settings. We don’t want the listeners touching that dial when the commercial break begins because those ads don’t match up to the programming. With great commercial production you can ensure all your commercial breaks are just as much of a reason to tune in than any other. At ED Creative, we have worked with a great variety of big brands all over the world and we can supply high quality commercial production to your clients that is fit for the biggest platforms with superior scriptwriting, brilliant voice actors and outstanding production values that bring it all together. We can work directly with the clients to align their messages with their brand, bring out their personality and create an engaging message to make their campaign with you stand out, be heard and convert those listeners into customers.

Idents: Give some personality to the programming too! We can create unique idents that match the profile and personality of each presenter and offer some fantastic flair to the presenting character, breaking up conversation, music tracks and commercial breaks with style. Whether you need help writing quirky liners, or just need the perfect voice and production style to bring your ideas to life, we can offer great quality with fast turnaround to adapt to the latest news or changes in content you require to keep your station current in a fast-paced world.

Station Voice: A great quality station voice is the bedrock of a brilliant sounding station. You need a voice that matches your brand and your local area and reflects your station perfectly. We can offer a great range of voices for you to choose THE voice for your station. We can then provide a suite of idents, liners and jingles in a comprehensive station branding package that can be added to and adapted over time as news evolves, presenters change or programmes are tweaked.

As already mentioned, just because a community station isn’t as big as some huge corporate radio networks, it doesn’t mean it can’t sound just as good! By harnessing the power, professionalism, experience and skills of a freelance producer, writer and voiceover, you’re able to utilise everything that is available to those bigger brands, but at a reasonable and realistic price.

Make your budget work hard for you, and your station will sound simply fantastic.

Ready to take your community radio station to the next level? Harness the power of production today!