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Why use a freelance copywriter?

My daughter turned three years old a few months ago. And the other night as I told her it was time for bed, she said that three letter word that every parent knows will become their favourite word to ask at every moment to question everything you do… WHY?

She’d not asked this question before about anything, but as the last few days have progressed, she has asked it more and more; and quite right too. It made me realise that we really should be questioning everything around us. This inquisitive search for justification and meaning is something we should never grow out of. And so, here are some WHY’s you may be wondering and as your freelance copywriter, my reasoning behind them…

I’m a web developer, WHY should I use a copywriter when I’ve done all the hard work?

I have so much admiration for anyone that can make something look beautiful. A keen eye for gorgeous design and creative concepts that are visually appealing is something I’ve always aspired to have. But alas, I don’t and my skills lie within the written word. You are an expert in making brands look beautiful, and I am here to make them sound beautiful. Through creative web content, blogs and socials, we can combine your stunning style with my word wizardry to boost the brand to the next level.

I know my business like nobody else, WHY would a freelance copywriter do a better job?

I really appreciate that your business is your baby. You have raised it and nourished it into the brilliant brand it is today. However, whilst your expertise may lie in construction, care, education or energy supply articulating that experience and passion may not come so naturally. It’s my job to get deep into the psyche of your brand, feel the emotion just as you do, and communicate that to your audience to convert them into consumers. I have worked as a copywriter for over 13 years with a huge variety of clients in a wide range of industries and I make it my mission to understand and appreciate what your consumer needs.  

WHY should I pay money to do a job I could do myself, such as social media?

Conversion is key here. You may be able to shout about your products, share your testimonials and talk about your brand every day on social media, but is it engaging? Are those ‘likes’ converting to customers and making you money? Social media is a fine balance of quality content and conversion. Using professional copywriting with clearly defined goals, you can see your social media become a brilliant platform for your business to tell your story, sell your services and become a reliable resource for existing and potential clients.

I’m a film producer, WHY would I use a freelance copywriter for my films?

Again, this is all about focusing on expertise. I pride myself on being a professional, proactive and creative copywriter. If you’re an experienced photographer, film producer or director, your time is best spent in your expertise. Utilising your skills where they are strongest is the best way to create work that is cost effective and high quality. And by pulling in expertise in other areas like copywriting, your end result will be powerful, engaging and successful.

Why is a freelance copywriter better than somebody in-house?

Flexibility is fabulous! You can use a freelance copywriter as and when you require on a project-by-project basis which means you’re working in a totally cost-effective manner. You only pay for my services when you need them. However, whilst also being overall cheaper than somebody in house, it’s also more efficient. You’ll get high quality, vast experience and superior dedication. I want to build long-lasting relationships with clients so I put every effort into creating work that secures that for future projects too.

So, WHY?


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