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Jade of all trades. Mastered as one.

This morning, the first Covid-19 vaccine was given in the UK. As I listened to the news on the radio, I couldn’t help but feel a swell of emotion grow from my stomach and disperse through my chest. It finally hit me (hard) what a tough year this has been and what it has taken to be able to see the glimmer of light at the end of a dark, lonely and difficult tunnel. Both personally, and professionally, we’ve all had things to deal with this year. Weathering the storm in our own unique boats, we’ve been tried and tested to our limits with what we can not only cope with, but what we can thrive in.

And as Margaret Keenan said when she was given the vaccine “it’s the best news ever”, I couldn’t help but get excited for the future. It feels like such a long time that we’ve had a real, tangible excuse to get that butterflies-in-the-stomach, warm glow of anticipation feeling at the possibility and positivity ahead and boy, it felt good!

And so, with that! I’m drawing my attention to 2021.

As we head towards next year with so much hope and expectation, I am more determined than ever to help clients wave goodbye to the dark days of this year and welcome in a brave, bright and brilliant new future.

If you’ve not worked with ED creative before, I offer a varied service to clients based on a range of creative roles I’ve developed over the last 14 years. From starting out as a sound engineer at the age of 16 to presenting at the world-famous TT races on radio TT and writing sales materials and commercial copy for clients all over the UK, to now, running ED Creative. I’ve been lucky enough to dip my toe into a whole pool of opportunities. Well, I didn’t just dip my toe, I dove straight in! I love being a sponge in my career. I want to learn from the experts, the successes, the idols and the heroes to gain insight into what it takes to become the best at their skill. With that, I’ve been able to gain the skills needed in audio production, copywriting, voiceovers, presenting, marketing, social media, client management and more…

Who says you should have one speciality and focus on that? Not me!

For many of my clients, it comes as a welcome surprise that I have skills in other areas. This appreciation for what is needed within another artform allows me to reflect, accommodate and adapt all elements of a project to work for all parties. I feel it’s not only a great asset, but imperative for anyone in a creative role, to have at least a simple, underlying knowledge of other areas within a project to enable their creation to work harder, be smarter and sit harmoniously within all elements… And that is why I consider myself to be a Jade of all trades, mastered as one!

Need a script for an animation project? I know the tips and tricks to make it sound great for a voiceover. I can even voice it live on Zoom to present it to the client! This offers a great presentation scenario and allows clients who haven’t worked with audio before to hear how those words on the page come to life. Got too much on and just need to rely on someone to manage the project for you? No problem! I pride myself on creating and building strong relationships and I can take care of your client with efficiency and proactivity. From taking the brief, to writing the script, to daily or weekly catch-ups and finalising the project to completion. You can be as involved as you wish, but be rest assured everything is taken care of within the deadline.

It’s inspiring to work with someone who is a true master in their craft. Someone who has dedicated years into their skill to become an expert, a pioneer in what they love. However, with clients demands rising and budgets being stretched, I truly feel that a comprehensive service in which you can choose the elements you need for a seamless, successful project is something that can create a wonderful working relationship between you and ED Creative. I continually dedicate time into improving skills and growing in as many areas as I can with ED creative, so you’re not just getting one service, or even many mediocre services. You’re getting skilled, dedicated, passionate and proactive service, whatever your requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s grab 2021 by the positivity it deserves and dive into an efficient, engaging and exciting future.

I can’t wait!

Emma x

PS – “Jade” of all trades? Fun fact. That’s my middle name!