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Well, that year certainly went fast! I was carefully and strategically placing the office Christmas lights back into their box in January and then pulling my hair out untangling them (HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!) to decorate again in December in what felt like a matter of weeks!

However, this year saw me move my home and office from the lovely town of Leek in Staffordshire to our new base in Congleton, Cheshire. This move was an exciting one for the family and business and now has me even better placed for further links with clients in the North West as well as maintaining my relationships with existing clients throughout Staffordshire.

In 2019, I was able to continue working with a great range of clients providing copywriting services for radio commercials, blog posts, websites and printed marketing materials. I also began working with a large supermarket retailer on all of their in-store advertising campaigns. This side of the business is something I truly love to do. It feeds my creative passion and allows me to ensure clients articulate their brilliant brands in a way they may not have envisaged before.

When I was a child, I spent many hours folding A4 sheets of paper to create little ‘books’. I decorated the cover and designed a catchy title, then began to write what I felt would be the next big thing in children’s literature. Alas I did not become the next Jaqueline Wilson (Tracy Beaker is my hero), and my penned masterpieces are no doubt gathering dust in an attic somewhere, but it did create a spark.

A spark that went on to ensure that in 2019, ED Creative could apply that creative passion and enthusiasm into over 50 blog posts, 40 new website contents and over 1200 radio commercial scripts!

As well as copywriting, ED Creative supplies voiceovers, audio production and radio commercial traffic services to clients throughout the UK, US and UAE. In 2019, we worked on a variety of English Language eLearning projects, national TV campaigns and social media videos. So when that pesky writers block comes out to play, we can always have some fun in the studio creating some ‘theatre of the mind’ for listeners with our mixing desk!

And so, as 2019 comes to a close, myself and all of the ED Creative family would like to thank my fabulous, loyal and brilliant clients for all of your custom throughout the last twelve months. I pride myself on supplying a creative, efficient, pro-active and professional service, and I hope you feel you have received just that.

I look forward to continuing this service in 2020, with hopes to expand and deliver even more to clients throughout the next few months. So, here’s to a busy, successful and CREATIVE 2020!