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If you’ve worked with ED Creative since we began on our journey through the wonderful world of marketing, copywriting, voiceovers in 2015, you’ll know we have a real passion for our work. We truly believe that this passion and enthusiasm for whatever project we have taken on is the key to a great

Many years ago, each festive season could be pinpointed by a couple of factors. What was the Christmas number one that year? What classic festive movie was released? However, there has been a huge shift in recent years. Thanks to the large investment, creativity and passion that has come from large-scale companies on their

As a freelancer, I have the opportunity to collaborate with a range of businesses each week, and it’s great fun! Not only does working closely with my clients mean I get my own little makeshift team to work with (When usually freelancing is a rather solitary existence) but it means we create bigger,

The weekend is almost here! And whilst many workers are pining for a weekend of relaxation, boxset binges and maybe even a whole weekend cosied up in their home, work-from-homers feel a sense of anticipation at what lies ahead… SOME ACTUAL HUMAN COMPANY! I’ve worked from home now for four and a half years.

Earlier this year, I took part in a voiceover project for The Samaritans. In this project, I played the role of a wife of a serviceman. My character was finding it difficult adjusting to her new life and the elearning course showed learners different ways of responding and dealing with the situation. This course

Well, that year certainly went fast! I was carefully and strategically placing the office Christmas lights back into their box in January and then pulling my hair out untangling them (HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!) to decorate again in December in what felt like a matter of weeks! However, this year saw me move my

It’s often said that creative folk have brains that are wired differently. There have been numerous studies to investigate such in the last few years. But even on the face of it, we can appreciate those differences in our everyday lives. Some of the most inspirational creative people we have heard of, seen

As a copywriter in many different formats, I like to draw out as much personality and style from a client as I can when taking a brief. This is because so many clients have so much personality to bring to their business, which in turn gives their brand a whole persona of its