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Hello blog readers!

On the blog this week, I thought we could take a broad look at the radio industry today and give a little insight into how we feel it stands in society today. At Ed Creative, we provide copywriting, presenting and audio production to a variety of clients in a whole number of different industries and sectors, but it’s radio where we began our journey and where our initial creative passion began.

News released last week revealed that radio is the fastest growing medium right now. According to the latest Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure report, it’s growth of 12.5% was larger than that of the internet! Advertisers like Asda are spending twice as much on radio and Sky are increasing their investment by three times as much as 2017. This is incredible news and makes it a very exciting industry to be working in right now; particularly commercial radio.

Having friends working in a whole range of careers, it’s clear that radio is often seen as an industry that is stuck in the dark ages of cheesy DJs, annoying jingles and middle-aged, middle-class folk still dictating their perceived view of what listeners want and what advertisers need. However, pretty much everyone I speak to tunes into a commercial radio station at some point or another across the course of their week. It’s that trusty voice, the latest news, views and opinions and musical soundtrack we turn to.

I myself may have only worked in the industry for a mere twelve years, but even in that short time, I have seen all aspects of radio shift towards a more engaging, dynamic, all encompassing medium where everyone has the opportunity to be creative, excel and be at the forefront of the local community where ever we look.

And this is even more apparent if we focus on females in the industry. When I first began as a junior sound producer, I was the only female producer many voiceovers had come across and were often astounded to hear from me. I could never quite understand why, but as I looked around and got to know the industry on a wider perspective, they were right. There were no other female producers and no other females running the show at production houses and national brands. It’s also reported that just 20% of solo presenters are female, so on-air isn’t yet showing a fair representation of society and the relatable listeners out there. The female voice has been seen as a gentile addition and side-kick to the big, comical, talented male in the limelight.

But, the industry is moving forward and is constantly evolving to engage with digital mediums and a more liberal community. Podcasts, blogs, video content, outside broadcasts and quirky, forward thinking SPI solutions make this a super exciting place to be working. And women are now getting the chance to really shine in all of these areas. There are of course talented male producers, journalists, writers, presenters and programmers, but it’s clear that women are emerging to the forefront too.

However, whatever your gender, race, background or skillset, it’s clear that working in radio has to be one of the most exciting places to be right now. And with growth set to only get better, it’s the most amazing time to get creative, make amazing media and provide the soundtrack to our nation.

After all, in these changing and troubling times we live in, radio shall continue to be the friend, the confidant and the trusty positive boost we all need.