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Sharing the Journey

And just like that, it’s 2019! Whatever 2018 brought to you and your business, I hope it was a successful one and you continue to be so throughout the next 12 months.

2018 was a very exciting one for me, as it saw the start of my journey back into business after having my daughter. Being self employed meant I could be flexible in my hours and slowly take the steps into juggling motherhood and business at my own pace. And boy, it wasn’t easy! But I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a wonderful network of friends and clients that were not only understanding but extremely supportive of my work and my commitments. This meant that 2018 saw ED Creative grow back into what it was before Mini ED was born, and expand further into new markets both here in the UK and abroad.

There is one area of the media industry in particular that I have found refreshing and positive going into the new year…

There is competition in all industries, and the creative and radio one is no different. However, I am extremely proud and excited to work in such a supportive industry. As a fellow voiceover, we strongly support each other in our ventures, recommend colleagues for suitable work where we don’t quite fit the bill and share in successes. Like every industry, we are all in this together and together we are stronger. The higher the quality, the stronger the will to create great audio, the better overall output and respect for those within the profession.

It’s also the same with local businesses here in Leek, Staffordshire. I’m proud to work in a town where the local business community is strongly supported, celebrated and ever-growing. So much so, I have made some great friends in a place where I didn’t expect to find such like-minded creative heads.

After networking a few months ago, a businessman said to me “Wow, I’m surprised you two ladies are such good friends being technically competitors!”

That comment stuck with me for so long. And is still with me now in fact.

Why would we not be friends? By being friends with others in the industry similar to myself, it has not only given me more opportunities in business to expand my network, create new ideas and collaborate on projects, but it has given me the most invaluable personal support. Having people that truly understand your struggles, fears, worries, highs and lows of your work is fantastic. Nobody else can listen, understand and offer solutions the same way as a good friend in your industry and in self-employment.

And in 2019, I intend on sharing the ED creative with my fellow industry friends even more. By supporting one another, we can create work that is diverse, creative, surprising and down right bloomin’ amazing for our fellow colleagues and clients.

I’m currently looking forward to working more with my radio clients in Dubai, recording some exciting corporate voiceovers and taking the wonderful world of radio into schools to help inspire the next generation of radio superstars!

Who will you share your 2019 journey with?