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I’m So Excited!

If you’ve worked with ED Creative since we began on our journey through the wonderful world of marketing, copywriting, voiceovers in 2015, you’ll know we have a real passion for our work. We truly believe that this passion and enthusiasm for whatever project we have taken on is the key to a great working relationship with all our clients.

When I was younger, I’d go and visit my grandparents, and my Grandad would ask “What is it you’re excited about today, Em?”. Whether it was my favourite programme on telly that night, my holiday in a few months or just having a takeaway with friends on Friday, I seemingly had a weird excitement about something every time I saw him. And now, I like to turn that enthusiasm and excitement to work, and bring clients along for the journey.

Enthusiasm and excitement are infectious. If we can be excited about a project, the client will feel that energy and mirror it too.

Whether it’s a marketing agency excited about taking their long-standing client in a new direction, or a radio sales team excited about bringing a brand-new creative idea to an advertising client, this enthusiasm drives hard work, creativity and determination to make it a success.

But most importantly of all, it re-invigorates clients about their own business too.

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day of office life and business that we can often forget why we wanted to do that job in the first place. But, just like a long-term relationship, if we can find that spark once again, we can fall in love with our work all over again!

Of course, every project and working relationship needs skill, experience and talent, but if we really want a project or a business plan to work, these are all things that can be built over time – Enthusiasm, excitement, drive and passion are things that come naturally from within.

When was the last time you felt really excited about a project? Did that excitement shine through and make your client excited too?