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10-Year-Old Enthusiasm with 28-year-Old Experience

It’s fair to say we like to babble on about how much the whole family here at ED Creative love radio. But really, who can blame us?

For me, it started at a very young age. Firstly, I shared a room with my younger sister for much of my youth, and so from about the age of 10, once she was tucked into bed at night, my headphones would go on and I’ve tune into my favourite local commercial station to listen to their evening show. I was always a fairly shy person at school, never part of any clubs and certainly not the coolest kid on the block. But when I listened to that show I was part of something. Something bigger. Something where everyone was involved, wherever and whoever they were.  Those other listeners and the presenter were my friends. And although I never called into the show, I felt like I’d spent time socialising.

As sad and lonely as that sounds, don’t worry! As it was that keen interest that then landed my first job in radio at the age of 16; as a junior sound engineer. And it was here that my utter geekery grew!

I was behind the scenes at the very heart of something I’d held so dear all my life. I saw how voiceovers were recorded, how scripts were developed and how music was mixed to enrapture an audience through audio.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to gain skills in voiceovers, copywriting, traffic inventory, sales, presenting, show production, event management, accounting, creative consultancy and training. I’ve worked within production houses, marketing agencies and radio stations and I now run ED Creative from my own studio in Cheshire.

And out of all the positions I’ve held over the last 12 years, this has to be the ultimate joy for a radio geek! I get to work with a variety of clients, helping to solve problems, fill in the gaps, open up opportunities and generally offer a flurry of creative enthusiasm over any project that comes my way.

Whether your radio station needs a helping hand to cover holidays for traffic inventory and bookings, you need a flexible freelancer to create features, podcasts, quirky scripts and campaigns for big clients, or you want reliable, high quality commercial production to make your breaks match and exceed the quality and passion you put into the programming. I’m here to help!

10-year-old Emma’s excitement with 28-year-old Emma’s skills and experience.

The perfect storm for reliable results.

Let’s do this!

Emma x