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Freelancers – Proactive Panache!

“It’s great working with you, it just gets done!”

This is a quote from a new client this week. But whilst it’s such a fantastic thing to hear on its own, it’s actually not the first time a client has said these words when completing a project with ED Creative…

And it’s lead us to conclude that it’s a prime and honest reason why people use a freelancer to bolster their team and project success.

We provide many freelance services from our studio in Cheshire. From radio presenting and voiceover work to copywriting and creative consultancy, if it’s creative we LOVE to get our hands dirty, get thinking and start creating.

But if a company is already made up of a collection of great creative minds, why is there room or a need for a freelancer to get involved?

Specific Skills

One of the initial reasons we work with clients is because we offer services that don’t require full-time personnel in the office. Clients want proposals, speeches or blog posts writing or they want their corporate explainer video voicing. They want a podcast producing or a new staff member training on radio sales. These are projects, not roles, and we can fulfil them in the short term AND long term on a flexible, reliable basis that means the job gets done without a need for you to worry.

A Fresh Take

This is of course a huge player in why our clients use us. They’ve been working with a client for a long time and need to WOW them with something off the wall, something surprising. Or maybe they are just in need of an energetic boost of ideas and enthusiasm for something that has gone stale. We absolutely love learning all about businesses and when we get on board with a project, the buzz really starts as we begin to generate ideas and run with the creative flow.

And Efficient and Proactive approach

Finally, as said in the beginning of this short post. One of the biggest reasons you may want to use a freelancer is to take a load off your mind. You need to know the project is taken care of by a professional, proactive and skilled person that has not only a financial interest in completed the job right and doing it well, but has a long-term goal in building long lasting relationships to improve their own business. The business of a freelancer is rarely a steady one and so each project that finds its way onto their desk is an opportunity to make themselves a success story. With ED Creative, we pride ourselves on providing not only high quality work to the brief, but surprising our clients with fresh, forward-thinking solutions that can only be achieved by somebody outside of the ‘business bubble’.

So next time you need to get creative with a project, take a look at using a freelancer to enhance your ‘A Team’. You’ll get fast, efficient service, a fresh pair of eyes and ears and of course professional service meaning you can get back to running your business while we do what we do best.

Your project done and dusted with proactive panache.