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Good afternoon dear blog readers! I hope 2019 is treating you well so far!

One of the main areas of our business that has dominated our meetings, inbox and creative brainstorms with clients so far this year has been podcasts.

2018 is considered to have been the ‘year of the podcast’. Although podcasts themselves have been around for many, many years, 2018 saw an explosion of downloads, thus creating a rather exciting buzz around the production, availability and variety of on-demand audio content available to the public.

From business to babies and from films to fashion whatever you’re into, there is seemingly a podcast available for your listening pleasure.

And if you’re a business seeking to be an industry leader in your field, a podcast is not only a great way to do just that, but it’s yet another touch point for your potential clients and a reflection on how your firm is able to stay up to date, be relevant and adapt to the latest trends and markets. Not to mention showcasing how you give your customers what they want, need and enjoy.

So, if you were to create a podcast for your business, how would it sound? It could be a serious discussion, hard-hitting news and views on the area you work in. It could be a comical look at the celebrity news of the week. It could be a lighthearted book review piece. It could be an hour long every week or it could be 5 minutes long every couple of weeks. It’s entirely up to you.

As with everything in audio production, it’s quality not quantity.

And if you get your podcast right with the quality, there are no limits to what it can do for your marketing.

Give ED Creative a call today to discuss your ideas and let’s get your business into 2019 with a superb, well-produced, high quality podcast from a team with over a decade of audio-production, writing and presenting experience.