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Collaboration is Queen

As a freelancer, I have the opportunity to collaborate with a range of businesses each week, and it’s great fun! Not only does working closely with my clients mean I get my own little makeshift team to work with (When usually freelancing is a rather solitary existence) but it means we create bigger, better and more brilliant results with each project…

When different people come together, bringing their own strengths, skills, passions, ideas, thoughts, dedication, enthusiasm and commitment it creates a buzzing team atmosphere focused on achieving and exceeding goals in a project.

From copywriting for a new marketing campaign to producing audio for your company podcast, when you collaborate there are no limits to what you can create.

Know your strengths

In my personal life, many people ask me when I’m having my ‘second baby’… My response to this is “I already have one”. My business truly is my baby, I’m rather protective over what I control and releasing some of that control to somebody else is so tough. But, if you are clear and appreciate what your strengths are, then you can pinpoint areas in which you know you need an extra pair of hands. There is no shame in this and having the confidence to ask for help is giving your business extra nourishment to thrive. Maybe you’re an expert in the technical aspects of your products and services but struggle to translate that through an eloquent message in your marketing? Maybe you know all the right words to say but want the perfect voice to create your phone system messages? Combining your strengths with those of someone else will ensure the best outcome.

Push Boundaries

As a business owner, you’ll know that you have to take a little risk every now and then. And the same goes when you work with a freelancer on your projects. They are seeing your business or your project with a fresh pair of eyes. And if they come back with what at first sight appears to be something completely out of the blue and unorthodox, that may be because they spied the perfect creative opportunity you hadn’t before. The most memorable and well-loved creative ideas are often the most unusual and downright strange. So don’t be afraid to let your creativity go wild; Dip your toe in the creativity pool and have a good old splash around with some ideas! You never know what inspiration will wave over you!

What If?

Still not sure if you’re ready to commit or invest in using a freelancer on your next project? Then ask yourself the only question everyone needs to ask before they go head-first into the unknown… What If? What if this is a game-changer for your business? What if you create a long-lasting business relationship that takes your company to the next level? What if you manage to crack a problem and create a whole new chapter for your business? What if they discover the next best thing to transform the problems you face?

Collaborating with a freelancer is of course something that takes careful consideration. But with the right business relationship and a mutual understanding of the long-term goals within a project, you can give your business the opportunities it truly deserves to flourish.  

When you work with ED Creative, you can be sure of reliability, dedication, creativity, oodles of enthusiasm and 12+ years of experience in working with a huge variety of businesses to craft their marketing via online, social, radio and TV into something spectacular.

Collaborate, communicate, create.

All hail collaboration.