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Real Networking

Technology is truly fabulous isn’t it! It has enhanced our personal and work lives beyond belief. As well as all of the amazing things it has done for us in healthcare, social, travel and more, it has enabled us to transform the landscape we work in.

ED Creative for instance wouldn’t be a viable business if it wasn’t for email, skype, social media and the good old world wide web. It’s all these things that enable us to work for clients all over the world, be in constant contact via email 24/7 and deliver our voiceovers, blogs, production and other work simply and quickly.However, after enjoying a few meetings and networking opportunities over the last couple of weeks, it’s become apparent that we can often overlook the importance of a good old fashioned chinwag over a cup of coffee and a proper face to face meeting with existing and potential clients. In the busy digital landscape we live in, it’s safe to say that we are all guilty of neglecting those real-world situations with friends, clients and colleagues that can not only cement relationships but boost our mood and enthusiasm for what we’re doing.And it’s with this that we are vowing to make time for those meetings, coffees and catch ups with clients and colleagues on a regular basis. So if you’re thinking about working with us, you can be sure to get to know us. Properly. And that means not just trying to gauge whether you feel we are the right fit for your business over the phone or our emails back and forth, but a face to face meeting where we can learn all about your business and you can learn all about where our passion and enthusiasm for our work comes from.Technology is great, yes. But nothing beats a great, exciting, fascinating discussion over lunch where we can really get excited about the possibilities working together and how we can help your business.We can’t wait to get started! So get in touch and book your free consultation with us today, to see how we can help you with voiceovers, copywriting, blogging, production, podcasting and more.Speak soon,