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WHO is your business?

“When it comes to great copy, it’s not about WHAT your business is, it’s about WHO your business is”

They say a picture can paint a thousand words. But the right words can enable you to pain the perfect picture…

At ED Creative, we provide high quality, professional copywriting services for marketing agencies, broadcast media and private businesses. And through that, we aim to create copy that engages, excites and enthuses your readers to convert them into customers.

It’s all about finding that spark.

All we need is the spark of a characteristic of your business, and we can build a whole style of language that brings it to life.

That’s right! Your business has a personality all of its own! Maybe you didn’t even realise it, or maybe you work tirelessly to embody that personality through all your work. Either way, it can often be tricky to convey that personality in the best way possible, and using the wrong language, or copy that is tired and dull can actually be detrimental to the cause, as opposed to advantageous.

Is your business fresh, vibrant, quirky and cool?

Is it pristine, professional and supremely specialised?

Is it comical, light-hearted and laid back?

Understanding the characteristics and what makes your business so unique in its personality is the first step to being able to create engaging content throughout all your marketing.

When it comes to great copy, it’s not about WHAT your business is, it’s about WHO your business is.

After all, you spend so many hours a week living and breathing your business, it quite possibly could be a real person you have a long-term relationship with! From the moment you conceived the idea or joined the company, you have got to know it in a rather intimate, and often exhaustive way. You feel protective of it. Maybe you even have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it for consuming so much of your time and energy! But once we understand who your business is, what you love so much about it and why you are so passionate about it, we are well on our way to crafting quality content.

From blogs, web content and social media to traditional marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets and sales packs, we will paint the perfect picture with the right words. Great copy could be the difference between slightly engaging an audience to transforming them into long-term, loyal customers.

At ED Creative, we are total and utter creative nerds. We absolutely love an opportunity to get creative, be proactive and dive into a juicy advertising project, marketing campaign or brand-new branding, so get in touch today and see how we can help your business convey the perfect personality to convert those tomorrow customers, to today customers!

So, WHO is your business? Let’s discover it today, and get creative!