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The Superpower of Instore

I absolutely love writing for all types of media. From video marketing to IVR and from commercial radio to corporate films. However, I think one of my favourite creative services I offer is copywriting for instore radio.

Instore radio is such an exciting and cost-effective way for businesses to promote their brand. By utilizing the store’s station, brands can influence consumer behaviour, keep the brand top of mind and talk directly to a captive audience.

And this audience is here to buy! They aren’t just any old listener who may be making purchase decisions at some point later today, tomorrow or next week. They have their basket in-hand and are here, right now, to make a purchase. Instore radio could be the final rung in your marketing ladder to guarantee you are the brand of choice. They’ve seen the TV ads, they’ve noticed the social media content and they’ve heard the commercial radio promotions. They already know the brand, and by hearing it again instore, it boosts that brand recognition and captures them at the final moment before heading to the checkout.

Most commercial radio promotion is talking to a ‘tomorrow customer’. This is where the largest audience sits. Most people aren’t looking to buy a certain product right now, today. However, they are likely to be in the future. Continual and consistent brand messages enable brands to stay top of mind and be the one to remember when recalling a brand for the product they want or need. Therefore, the language for commercial radio can often be less urgent and more focused on the overall feel and theme of the brand. The key here is to be remembered.

However, the key for instore radio is to be too good to resist. We want consumers to hear the brand, recognise it from all other supporting media and make that decision before leaving the store. Whilst the creative within it can be recognisable, similar to that everywhere else, the language can evoke a little more urgency, pressure and excitement. We can direct the message to the customer, right here, right now. Through heavily produced commercials, DJ interactions, interviews and even celebrity content, we can craft a diverse and interactive campaign that goes beyond the branding. Make the shopper feel heard, make them feel seen, make them feel they are part of the conversation and part of this community.

After all, that’s exactly what radio is. It’s a community. A collection of people that are together; even when they are miles apart. Although the beauty instore is that everyone really is present. Everyone has an affinity to that store, a reason to be there, a purpose and a desire to buy. Whether we make them stop in the aisles and giggle at a gag or we subtly and creatively seep into their subconscious as they’re ticking off their weekly shopping list, we can be creative, have fun, and capture the target audience at the perfect moment.

This is exactly who you should be talking to.

This is decision time.