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Long-Haul Love

I’m as bad as the rest of them. New year chimes and the list of empty promises is drawn up for a new me. Healthier, fitter, better. It always starts well, and I question why it took so long to see the error of my ways. But as the weeks role on I sink back into old habits, seek comforts and envelop myself in a world of familiarity I know and love. And so, as 2022 came roaring in (I swear it’s still 2019 in reality?!), I took it upon myself to take it slow. No, not another “new year, SAME me” cliché, but a softer, gentler approach with smaller steps and longer-term goals.

This doesn’t just work for my personal life, but I hope for it to create a positive impact on business and work life too. I want to sow seeds this year with clients existing and new that create a long working life together. Working with a freelancer for your business can sometimes be a quick-fix band aid to correct a problem in the here and now. Great! But what if you worked with a freelancer pool than enabled your business to never encounter those issues in the first place? You always had someone, or a team on hand to work hard, deliver results, develop ideas and push your business further?

A long-haul freelancer relationship enables you to reap the benefits of an additional pair of eyes and a fresh creative mind, but with the delightful flexibility and low responsibility. Like any relationship, it takes time to develop. Time to appreciate what works and what doesn’t. But as this is here to stay, taking that time is all the more valuable, and in the long run, those deeper roots will create a perfectly strong foundation of mutual respect on both sides.

Some of my clients are ad-hoc. Quick, small voiceover projects or one-off publication pieces. But some are regular, frequent and consistent in their approach to copywriting which means I work with them on an almost daily basis. Of course, both of these are vital for my business, but those long-term clients have to be the ones I feel make me a better freelancer. Demanding more, demanding better, requiring reliability, flexibility and creativity at every corner. It’s fast paced, it’s exciting and it’s constantly pushing me to improve and expand my skills. And, as the relationship has been carefully cultivated and crafted for longevity there is a comfort in the craziness. A familiarity in which we can all create beautiful work, have bigger, longer goals and know that we have got each other’s backs no matter what obstacles come our way; deadlines, client changes… pandemic?

And so, as we ebb our way further into 2022, I’m going to continue to take it slow. I’m in this for the long-haul and I am focused on nurturing a sustainable future with clients that means you not only need my services, but love working with someone who cares deeply about making a difference and being an integral part of your strategy. This is gradual. Considered. Crafted to last. And I’m beyond excited to make it happen.

Languid in appearance, brimming with vigour beneath.

To 2022, and beyond.