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New Project

At ED Creative, we provide clients with a variety of creative services. From voiceovers and audio production to creative copywriting… and we love it! But as well as working with radio stations, animation studios and production houses throughout the UK, we also work with a great bunch of independent businesses in a range of industries.

On the blog today, we thought we’d share a little insight into a recent project we have worked on with an amazing Interior Designer based in Staffordshire… Dappled interiors.

Dappled Interiors is a really unique and fascinating business brought to you by the award-winning interior designer Rebecca Jones. Having won awards and been highly commended by those in the know, such as Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud, Rebecca’s business is wonderfully creative and super slick, working with clients on both residential and commercial interior design.

The Brief:

ED Creative was enlisted to help Dappled Interiors to gain a stronger online presence, improve the website copy, social media and blog content and generally boost the brand identity for the company to establish it in the marketplace as unique and quirky, but professional and reliable.

The Project:

After learning more about the business, we were able to create a strong mission statement and business profile for Dappled interiors which showcases how every single project is a style adventure. We wanted to get potential clients excited about the journey they will go on with Dappled Interiors which will not only reflect their own personality traits and characteristics but combine this with Rebecca’s creativity and eye for style.


This branding statement is now the key fixture in all marketing for Dappled Interiors and it encapsulates what they are about in a sophisticated way.


The Outcome:

The Dappled Interiors website had a stunning makeover by the creative team at ellodave which made it more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. And with new web copy on all pages and a more engaging blog updated every week, Dappled Interiors is now firmly established in the market place, and potential clients can instantly see what they are all about and fall in love with their style.

If you’d like to find out more about how ED Creative can help your business establish its brand in the marketplace, boost SEO and give you a fresh new sense of direction with the company, get in touch!