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Big Reactions with Small Budgets

Hello blog readers! Well, it’s been an exciting few months here at ED Creative, which a very busy but very exciting week working in Dubai with a fantastic bunch of radio sales professionals was a particular highlight. I was present at their radio sales seminars acting as the creative consultant to get clients excited about the creative process as they start their journey into radio advertising.

The presentation shown to clients was extremely insightful into the marketing trends coming our way in 2020, and confirmed something I like to stress to all my clients (Not just those in radio) when creating content for their marketing…

Emotion leads to action.

I have the pleasure of training many new copywriters to the industry, and when we begin the training, the first thing I like to stress is that all copy must provoke an emotional reaction from the listener or reader. We need them to feel something. When we have a strong emotional response to something we see or hear, it causes us to act on those feelings.

Whether an article about a dream holiday destination makes us feel excited, or a heart-wrenching commercial for an historic museum makes us feel curious, this emotional response causes us to find out more, spend our money and convert us into customers.

Just think about the most powerful advertising you’ve ever seen. You remember it because it influenced you. It effected on you emotionally.

Sadness, love, wonder, excitement, pride, whatever the feeling is, if it’s strong enough, you will react.

Of course, pioneers of this heartstring-tugging, tear-jerking marketing are John Lewis. They have revolutionised festive marketing in a way that hadn’t been done before. Every year they never fail to tell a story and connect with us on a deeper level that ensures we not only want to watch their commercial, but we want to talk about it. We remember it, and we react. Everyone wants an Edgar the Dragon, right?

But, we don’t all need multi-million-pound budgets for our marketing to create revolutionary results. We need creativity and we need the brave attitude to push boundaries. The written word is a powerful thing. With creative language, and compelling story-telling throughout all our marketing, we can connect with our audience.

You don’t need a huge financial investment. You need a positive emotional investment.

If you allow the creativity to flow and to break the shackles of normality with your marketing techniques, language and style, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

So let’s be brave with our commercial content, let’s think outside the box with our web copy and social media messaging. Small budgets don’t mean small scope.

The emotions of our audience are in our hands, and creativity, language and content know no bounds; irrespective of budget. So get your consumers excited, make them nervous, make them laugh. Make your brand the brand they know, trust, remember and respect.

So, let’s get creative!